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me in every social situation: we can be friends when you take harry potter a little more seriously


"…in your very last few seconds what would you say?"


"…in your very last few seconds what would you say?"

I can get my head turned by a good-looking guy as much as the next girl. But sexy doesn’t impress me. Smart impresses me, strength of character impresses me. But most of all, I am impressed by kindness. Kindness, I think, comes from learning hard lessons well, from falling and picking yourself up. It comes from surviving failure and loss. It implies an understanding of the human condition, forgives its many flaws and quirks. When I see that in someone, it fills me with admiration.
Lisa Unger (via thatkindofwoman)

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I don’t want anything more
Than to see your face when you open the door.
You’ll make me beans on toast and a nice cup of tea,
And we’ll get a Chinese and watch TV.


ginger ice cream with chocolate bits.


Mary pulls George back to her. Lily awkwardly walks away. 
They´re not their characters at all. (x)